Graphic Designer &
Art Director based in Vienna


Animated tour-teaser for the German DJ-Duo Adana Twins.

AF-10 is a self-initiated publication showcasing a selection of analog snapshots captured during travels, various events and one’s home. All taken with an Olympus AF-10 camera. If you are interested in a copy feel free to write an e-mail to (105×148mm, 128 pages, 10 EUR, excl. shipping).

Animated tour-teaser for the Danish experimental pop trio WhoMadeWho.

Editorial design for SPEKTRUM 3, a printed publication by TAU with holographic cover and features of all of the artists who’ve contributed to the release. 3D: Vincent Wagner

Branding for the Hamburg based restaurant Peace serving Levantine food.

Branding for the Berlin based sound design & music production agency 86Tales. In cooperation with Hyperfocus. Photography implemented from projects 86Tales collaborated with.

Branding for Rosso Tunes, an Austrian record label releasing electronic music in the genres of house and techno. Check out some of their tunes here.

Packaging design for TAU’s release PALO SANTO. This special bundle of Palo Santo sticks contains a selection of music designed to transport you away from the stresses of today’s world and into a place of transcendence. 3D: Vincent Wagner

Packaging design for TAU’s double audio tape SPEKTRUM 2 featuring 16 very special cuts from an array of artists, friends and family connected to the label.

SYNO MONO was initially created for the Human Machine Interface microsite promoting his debut album Futurspective. Further explorations led to different styles inspired by the synopsis of human and machine.

One year anniversary T-shirt design for the German record label TAU using a beta version of my custom typeface UNKNOWN. T-shirts are purchasable here. Photography: Felix Krüger Model: ALYYY

Webdesign, custom type & artworks for the Colombian techno artist Human Machine Interface. In cooperation with Alexander Raffl.

Webdesign for PAL, a personal online catalogue of furniture and objects:

Limited edition T-Shirt design referencing the more relevant than ever lyrics of “My Computer”, the latest release by Adana Twins feat. Glowal.

UNKNOWN is a free contemporary display typeface. It consists of three styles: RND, PX and MX. Additional alternates can easily be adapted using upper- or lowercase characters. Although the roots of the typeface are derived from a linear grid-system, the overall appearance is still organic through the variation of the individual characters. A vast set of glyphs makes it ideal for designing artworks, magazines and logos. In cooperation with Alexander Raffl. Make sure to visit the microsite.

Branding for TAU, a Hamburg based record label founded by the DJ-duo Adana Twins. 3D: Georg Fasswald Photography: Felix Krüger

Branding for the dental care product range by Viennese dentist Dr. Lhotka. In cooperation with Great. Photography: Lisa Edi

Editorial design for the latest publication from German artist Günther Uecker. In cooperation with Great.

Branding for EGYD, a former 3D & graphic design studio based in Vienna.

Editorial design for the latest publication from Canadian artist Jana Sterbak. In cooperation with Great.

Branding for the Adana Twins new years eve party. 3D: Georg Fasswald

Editorial design for the latest publication from Chinese painter Ling Jian. In cooperation with Great.

Poster design & titles for BEYOND, a short movie by Georg Fasswald.

EP Artwork for the Austrian singer-songwriter Attic Giant. 3D: Georg Fasswald

Lukas Haider
Stolzenthalergasse 3/2-2a
1080 Vienna