Experimental poster series in collaboration with 3D artist Georg Fasswald.

EGYD is a nine-piece experimental poster series by graphic designer Lukas Haider and 3D artist Georg Fasswald. The different artworks are a mashup of unconstrained 3D Elements, playful typography and energetic color palettes. Each poster is printed on an A2 (594×420) sheet of 150g offset paper. Limited to an edition of 50 and can be purchased via email request. More information about the project here:

Ling Jian

Editorial design for the latest publication from Chinese painter Ling Jian.

The magnificent appearance of the book’s cover, a result of gold foil stamping and linen cover, tempt one to explore the publication further. Reduced editorial design elements inside the book allow for a clear focus on the essential content – Ling Jian’s paintings. Work done while employed by GREAT.

Adana Night

Poster series for the regularly held event: Adana Night at Villa Nova (ex-EGO).

The task was to create a flexible and coherent poster layout that reflects attributes of the invited artists. Simple typography was combined with playful geometric shapes inspired by outlines of the participating artists’ home country. Furthermore, the use of textures and mood-related colors give every single poster an individual yet clearly recognizable visual appearance.


Web design for the Austrian contemporary art publisher Verlag für Moderne Kunst.

The expansion of Verlag für Moderne Kunst’s product range lead to a necessary redesign for the book publisher’s new online presence. For the first time, it is possible to not only purchase books, but also limited art editions and beautiful accessories. The design elements clearly separate different product sections by using precisely chosen colors and frames throughout the website. Work done while employed by GREAT. See the live site at

Fabian Luttenberger

Several album covers for music producer and sound designer Fabian Luttenberger.

Over the past years, overall design concepts consisting of coherent typography, the use of abstract textures, and the placement of specific objects were developed for the release of EPs, singles, and remixes.


Branding and web design for a wooden clothes valet by architect Otto Gahleitner.

Designer and architect Otto Gahleitner reinterpreted the traditional dumb waiter. In this respect, the whole branding and visual appearance including website, brochure, business cards, and branding iron was created. Work done while employed by GREAT.

Christopher Amott

Album artwork for former Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott’s solo album, Impulses.

The symbols on the front cover of Amott’s current release, Impulses, represent the album’s song titles. The distorted and colorful background image depicts a static energy that invokes a seamless connection with the album title. The overall layout is kept geometrically simple to symbolize the sharpness and definiteness of electrical impulses.


Branding for Ciabatta, an Austrian bakery based in Bregenz.

This bakery derives its name from its signature product, Italian ciabatta bread. The colored texture of the bread is incorporated as a design element and is visible as an aspect of their identity, along with stories about their baked goods and production. Logo, claim, texture, and the letter “C” as a branding element are used either subtly or with emphasis, according to the medium and desired use. Work done while employed by GREAT.

Joyce Muniz

Visual identity for the Vienna-based Djane and music producer Joyce Muniz.

Shapes of red lipstick and playfully arranged type build the visual appearance of Joyce Muniz. This combination exactly reflects the three initial letters of her first name: JOY! This design was used for her Brazilian tour poster as well as merchandise including t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and stickers. This project was developed in close cooperation with VSM Studio.

Eastpak by Wood Wood

Shop window design for the Eastpak by Wood Wood backpack collaboration.

Hamburg concept store Saint Cream presented the spring/summer 2012 Eastpak collection by Wood Wood. The collection encapsulates the spirit of the North American desert landscape with its mix of natural materials, soft colors, and ethnic motifs. These elements were brought to life in an eye-catching manner for this project, developed in close cooperation with VSM Studio.

Adana Twins

Vinyl release cover art, poster design, and tour video for the German DJ-duo Adana Twins.

Drive is an attempt to visually reflect the musical style and Deep House atmospherics of the Adana Twins song by the same name. The main goal of the World Tour 2012 video was to characterize countries by their clichés and humorously point out cultural stereotypes. For this purpose, country-specific objects, materials, food, and clothing were inserted in the images. The Brazilian tour poster consists of playful typography and Brazil-related flag elements, (shape & color), which express a cheerful mood in line with the DJs’ personalities as well as the Brazilian lifestyle.

We are PDR

Visual identity, including logo, merchandise, and cover art for the German indie band PDR.

The development of a new visual identity was desired because of a change in the band’s name. The three-letter band name, PDR, is reduced to a monogram. In addition to the logo, matching lettering was created. Moreover, the cover art for the band’s debut album and singles fell under my responsibilities. A distinctive typography and image system were developed to guarantee a consistent look and feel throughout the different releases.